Friday, November 27, 2009

Still Blog Does Not Appear In Google Search

You have a blog with some posts but still your blog not displaying in search results then this post will be useful for you.
Following steps will be useful for your blog/website appear in Google search engine.
Verify your blog with Google webmaster tool.
above post will help you to handle Google webmaster tool.
if you got any crawl errors,solve it first.
Get your friends to link to your blog, where your blog is relevant.
Step 3:

Participate in forums, where your blog is relevant, and include the URL.
Step 4:
Comment on other blogs, in relevant comments, and include the URL.
Step 5:

           Put relevant and useful content in your blog.
Step 6:
      Some search engines may index your blog using the site feed.  Be sure to activate the feed(check with Google webmaster tool).

Step 7:
          When you have done all of the above, your blog will have some weight.  Submit your blog to the search engines, for indexing.
Step 8:

    Post frequently, and keep the content of your blog moving.
Step 9:
          Avoid your blog/website loading problem(It shouldn’t take more time to load).
Step 10:
      Add your blog url in the following link.
Step 11:
         Check your robots.txt file with Google webmaster tool.
Step 12:
               Wait for few days until you get a following message in Google webmaster tool.
Googlebot has successfully accessed your home page.
Pages from your site are included in Google's index.


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