Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Java Tools

Java Tools:
              1.0 JProfiler 6.0:
JProfiler is an award-winning all-in-one Java profiler. JProfiler's intuitive GUI helps you find performance bottlenecks, pin down memory leaks and resolve threading issues.
                                                This release adds
  • Current locking and locking history graphs
  • Thread dumps view
  • Method statistics view
  • Exceptional method runs: Analyze the slowest executions of selected methods in detail
  • "Tree map" view mode in all call tree views and the biggest objects view of the heap walker
  • Auto-tuning for dynamic instrumentation: Methods with disproportional overhead will be suggested for a list of ignored methods
  • Simplified manual configuration of profiling with a single -agentpath VM parameter for Java 5+
  • Changing profiling settings without restarting the profiled JVM for Java 6+
  • Loading snapshots from IDE integrations
  • Support for FreeBSD x86 and Linux PPC
Download Link:-

     2.0 install4j 4.2    
                                     Install4j is a cross platform Java installer that produces native launchers and installers for all major platforms. Install4j offers an intuitive GUI that makes it easy to quickly define installation projects. A command line compiler and integration for Apache ANT are included.               

             This release adds
  • Support for including other .vmoptions files
  • Improved persistence of installer variables
  • Support for loading response files in the installer
  • Improved proxy handling and server side authentication
  • Console access for Windows GUI launchers
  • Visual progress for unattended execution
Download Link:-
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                   3.0 exe4j
                                   Exe4j creates Windows executables that invoke your Java applications and integrates them into the Windows environment

       New features:
  • Added option in Executable info->Redirection step of the wizard to append output to existing redirection files
  • Command line argument -x / --require-license for exe4j command line compiler and attribute 'requirelicense' of exe4j ant task to avoid producing evaluation executables
  • Service launchers: Added the option non-interactive after /install to register services that should not allowed to interact with the desktop.
      Bugs fixed:
  • A listener registered with com.exe4j.Controller#registerStartupListener was not called reliably for a rapid succession of invocations
  • Added a workaround for an undefined TMP environment variable.
Download Link:-
4.0  Jclasslib
Jclasslib byte code viewer is a tool that visualizes all aspects of compiled Java class files and the contained bytecode. In addition, it contains a library that enables developers to read, modify and write Java class files and bytecode.
A module for NetBeans is available from To download the module from within Netbeans, you can configure as an update center.
Jclasslib for Java is released under the GPL.
          5.0 JForm Designer
                                                JFormDesigner makes Swing GUI design a real pleasure. It decreases the time you spend on hand coding forms, giving you more time to focus on the real tasks. You'll find that JFormDesigner quickly pays back its cost in improved GUI quality and increased developer productivity



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