Thursday, December 17, 2009

Java Usb Communication

Like a serial port we can communicate with USB from java application
Each USB port on a computer is assigned a unique identification number (port ID) by the USB controller. When a USB device is attached to a USB port, this unique port ID is assigned to the device.
Communication on the USB network can use any one of four different data transfer types:

  • Control transfers: These are short data packets for device control and configuration, particularly at attach time.
  • Bulk transfers: These are data packets in relatively large quantities. Devices like scanners or SCSI adapters use this transfer type.
  • Interrupt transfers: These are data packets that are polled periodically. The host controller will automatically post an interrupt at a specified interval.
  • Isochronous transfers: These are data streams in real time with higher requirements for bandwidth than for reliability. Audio and video devices generally use this transfer type. 
JUSB is a Java API for java and USB communication.
JSR80 API for java USB communication
Download the above api from the following location.
LibusbJava is a Java wrapper for the libusb 0.1 and libusb-win32 USB library.
Download the library from the following location

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Nick Kay said...

Sorry to be such a pain.

I'm still relatively new to Java. So, which folders in the JavaUSB go where so that I can access the packages in Eclipse?


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